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Black Mirror "San Junipero"

  Original Title / Título Original: Black Mirror: San Junipero
Director: Charlie Brooker (Creator), Owen Harris
Script / Guión: Charlie Brooker   
Country / País: UK / Reino Unido
Year / Año:   2016
Genre / Género: Drama
Runtime / Duración:  51 min.
Language / Idioma: English / Inglés
Subtitles Hardcoded / Subtítulos pegados: none
Cast / Elenco:  Mackenzie Davis, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Gavin Stenhouse, Adele Armas, Paul Blackwell, Leigh Daniels, Paul Kitson, Jeff Mash, Raymond McAnally, Nick Donald
IMDB: 8.9
Synopsis:  An unusually romantic outing for the series sees two very different women strike up a friendship in small-town 80s America. Kicking off with a burst of Belinda Carlisle, plenty of neon and a lead character straight out of an Brat Pack movie, we know we're definitely not in England anymore. It's San Junipero, a beach town where everyone's in a permanent state of spring break.
Yorkie (Mackenzie Davis) is our guide into this strange yet familiar new world. She meets Kelly (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) in a venue that's a cross between a classic American diner and an 80s nostalgia club night. Kelly needs to shake a persistent suitor, so pretends to be catching up with her terminally-ill friend, played by Yorkie. The two get on so well, they spend the rest of the evening together, with Yorkie trying hard to clamber out of her shy and introverted shell.
As with all coming-of-age tales, we see the inexperienced Yorkie find a guide to life, love and something called the Quagmire. In vivacious, straight-outta-Saved-By-the-Bell Kelly, we have the ultimate self-assured foil to our heroine. Yorkie is scared of pretty much everything, including the dancefloor, a splash of alcohol in her cola or, indeed, the witching hour.

Synopsis: California, 1987. San Junipero es un divertido destino de vacaciones lleno de sol, surf, discotecas y sexo. Yorkie (Mackenzie Davis) y Kelly (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) acaban de llegar, y su estancia les proporcionará un gran cambio en sus vidas.


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